Hacking an SSD in a Playstation Classic

By terracide on Friday 22 February 2019 17:26 - Comments (6)
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The idea:

Having all shoot 'em ups that every came out on the Playstation 1 on a harddrive inside the the PSC, with no functionality lost of the console!

Let me start by saying this idea is not originally mine, and i'll credit the persons that have come up with this idea so don't worry! As you might know i only got my PSC today, so i do not have all the parts to start the conversion.

What's the plan?

I want to put a mSATA SSD inside, and to be exact this one:

But you can put any size into it, i know that 512GB is supported but i think even more. But for me 120GB is enough. The Playstation 1 is from the era where all games were on CD's so they are all between 500 - 650MB. So this would give me over 180 ISO files, that is way more than there are Shoot 'em ups released on this console. A quick google search told me that there were over 1300 titles released in total, so if you want them all you need more space!

The way you can run games other than the 20 games pre-installed is by running BleemSync, it automates the game database generation proces so you can side-load other games.

A nice video of where they demo BleemSync 1.0 is here:

Note that BleemSync 1.01 is now released and it has some new features like additional controller support.

When i was looking on Reddit on the r/classicmods a few days ago i saw something really cool, someone named viral_dna managed to get an mSATA disk working in a PSC! The orignal posting can ben found here:


Before him some others also got an extra internal usb port working, and someone also connected a harddrive but nobody before used an mSATA drive and i think that's a brilliant solution that is why i am going to do something like that, with some minor changes.

He is using a very small hub to connect to a powerline and two lines of the USB to make a connection:


He's done a nice job and this is how to looks like:

With a mSATA to USB adapter you can connect the drive to the PSC.


Then used tape to keep it in place and used shrink tubing, this might me wise if you do not want electrical shorts. I think i will design a 3D printable part that will make it fit better and put it on Thingiverse but this would work too:


Now i need a good super small hub and this is the one i'll be using for my project:


It can be found here:https://www.tindie.com/pr...hub-for-hacking-projects/

I'll be ordering the parts now so this will take a while before my next update but stay tuned!

Getting the Playstation Classic

By terracide on Friday 22 February 2019 16:09 - Comments (4)
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I have been lurking for a while before i actually bought a Playstation Classic (from now on PSC). The reviews are not that great and the 20 games are underwhelming to say the least. With an introduction price of 100-120 euro it was too expensive to be successful due to bad reviews. Sony was mainly accused for doing a rush job, putting more care into the looks and boxing as for the emulation itself.
So about a month ago there was a price cut, they were now sold for 60 euro! I thought if i waited a little longer it might even get cheaper. So I waited a while and yesterday the PSC was on sale at Mediamarkt for 39 euro including shipping! And today i got it!

My personal feeling is that this little console will soon be out of production, it looks like it's being dumped so if you want to have one now is your chance. This conversion will be a step-by-step and i'll try to explain everything so you can do it too.

Now there are many reviews and unboxings already but just for fun i'll do a short one.

The box itself is nice and looks crisp:


Well... Here are the warnings on how dangerous these consoles are. Yeah all the original playstation one gamers were adults back then. Amazing how times change.


In the box there is another box, that looks nice too:


A manual, that i'll keep sealed:


2 controllers (that is great! Not like the NES mini... Were you only have one) and the rest of the cables. The controllers are exactly the same size as the original. The look and feel the same too:


The device it self is really small! I mean really small. For comparison I've put it on a original NES:



In the next part i'll explain exactly what i am planning to do! Stay tuned!

C64 Golden Pi Edition

By terracide on Tuesday 19 February 2019 12:45 - Comments (8)
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Converting an old broken C64 to a Pi with RetroPie. A great gaming frontend for emulators running on a Raspberry Pi. In my case on a Raspberry Pi 3. The cool thing about the way i am modding this c63 is that i can use the original keyboard and original c64 joysticks.

Using this frontend

Bought a broken c64 voor 3 euro, it did not have much on the inside. It was a project with experimenting a lot. I have piles of c64's (for some reason they always find their way to my home when they are abandoned and sold on garagesales) but i do not want to break fixable vintage computers to convert them. So in this case i just use an empty shell in a way i could even convert it back.

Anyone wanting to do this, again: please do not break good vintage computers. Use old junk! The c64 is getting more rare everyday.

open c64

Previous owner cut all the wires, we will never know why. He also removed all internal parts do i think it's used as a donor.


Keyboard was dirty! This is dirt you get after 30 years gaming!
I experimented with peroxide in a bag to de-yellow it. Looking back it was not so smart. I could have just put a little on top of the keys.


I am not sponsored by Cillit bang but it's great stuff!

in combination with UV light it can de-yellow plastic like retr0brite(google that)
or look here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retr0bright
I got this


Let it dry in the sun a while. It's wrapped in foil with the creme inside. Hoping the sun will do it's thing.

Pull the keys with a keycap pullen (you can 3D print one from Thingiverse)

The front of the key printing came off, not so smart :(


Keyboard cleaned with Glassex, great keyboard nice design.


I had another keyboard that i used to compare (coz that one was good) to find what wires i was missing and where to put them.


Soldered new wires and resoldered every old new wire with fresh solder. Also used new binders and used new tape over the wires like the original.


Soldered back the old connecter, and tested the connection. Ready to go! :

The old badge was ruined, another thing learned. Hurts my eyes and my heart that i ruined a perfect badge. I could just use another but that would be wrong, i must improvise with "gold" :P


Use freezepray to get the badge off without bending it!

The shell was not good enough, it was absolutely brighter than before but still not completely de-yellowed and i forgot that the sun moves and produces shadows. It was better to move the shell every hour to the sun to prevent that. It ended up with light and dark parts. I could not find any photo's anymore, but it did not look as good as i hoped. So i decided to spraypaint it like a VIC20. I Always like the bright -white look of the VIC20 but due to it's limitations i never bought one back in the days:


Cheap paint and primer of the Action works fine.

Printing some parts from Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1232760



USed a KeyRah v2 for the keyboard so i can use the Original c64 joysticks.


It's only 35 euro and it fits great. If you are looking for one:

Fixed the badge like this, not as good as the original but it looks cool:



It's still on my shelf waiting for the last finishing touch, i'll keep you posted if i ever get around doing that.


By terracide on Tuesday 19 February 2019 12:15 - Comments (6)
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Geen bouw foto's meer, alleen deze nog gevonden. Hele Bartop is custom gemaakt, met een CNC frees, alles is zelf gemaakt ook alle artwork.

Could not find photo's anymore from actually building it (i might have them somewere if i ever find them i'll add them).
It's a custom bartop, not really based on an existing design. It's cut by a CNC machine, and the plastic windows for the monitor was lasercut. I used black paper to make a bezelf around the monitor, it look badass i think! It has custom artwork, that i designed and had it printed on vinyl.

open Bartop

There is a ledstrip behind the ARCADE maquee. It's pretty cool, watch the video to see it in operation.

open Bartop

It's based on an AMD A5800 and has a 20"4:3 monitor to have the correct aspect ratio for retrogames, which are not 16:9.

open Bartop

Hyperspin with every possible emulator and game. I think it had 3TB of awesomenes:

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